Message from Andreas: "The album was originally released back in 2004 in a period that I did not have the equipment to make them as I wanted. My personal studio, the Melodic Winds Studio, has now thousands of top quality sounds and the processing power to make the original album sound much better.


As it has already happened with "Melodic Winds (Revisited)", the original recordings and arrangements will be used, but the vast majority of the old sounds will be replaced by new top quality sounds and there are going to be some changes in the arrangements without losing the freshness and the spirit of the original ideas.


I am an obsessive perfectionist when it comes to music because I want to offer you the best possible listening experience and I promise to deliver a top quality album. Stay tuned!"


1. When The Sea Remembers

2. Full Moon Reflections

3. Sifnos

4. Olympic Glory

5. Wounded Feelings

6. Wonderful Moments

7. Shooting Stars

8. On The Beach

9. Blue Symphony

10. A World Made of Paper

11. Loss

12. Summer Night (Originally in the Life Images album)

13. The Final Farewell

14. Heart Full of Love

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